The History

beafarm-aziendaBeatrice's grandparents used to live in a village in Calabria, cultivating the land and breeding farm animals.

In the 1960s, dazzled by the economic boom, they moved to the north of Italy where they kept on cultivating their traditions such as growing their own vegetables, raising animals, producing preserves.

As a child, Beatrice used to help her grandparents pick the vegetables for lunch, play with the animals and she learned the art of cooking.

Growing up, she was forced to move to work and study away from home.

The nostalgia of that world grew to a point that Beatrice decided to build a farm allowing her and others to rediscover the genuine products.

Beatrice’s vegetable garden was built in 2010; since then, vegetables are grown following the principles of organic farming methods allowing for the richness of the land to be maintained along with cultivating genuine products and keeping the nutritional properties intact.

Beatrice, in collaboration with the whole family, has revived some old orange groves back in Calabria, recovered and planted orchards, grows vegetables in greenhouses and in open fields and raises cattle.

Solar panels, skylights and cisterns for water recovery were installed to limit the consumption of water and electricity.

Beatrice’s vegetable garden offers fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables and processed into fabulous preserves and mustards.